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The Scottish Fold Breed

All Scottish Folds can trace their beginnings back to Susie in the Tayside Region of Scotland. A white barn cat, Susie was born with an unique physical feature. Her ears folded forward and downward. Discovered in 1961; Susie sparked the interest of William Ross who was a shepherd in the region. The Rosses were also cat breeders and they acquired a kitten in Susie's next litter and thus the breed was born.

The gentle, open owl look of even the straight ear Folds quickly made them popular. Their sweet and adaptable personalities have earned them a place among the most most popular breeds today. Brought to the United States in the 70's the breed was first recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1978 in the Shorthair Division. Later, in the 90's the Longhairs were also recognized. Now you will see beautiful examples of both coat lengths in the show halls. 

The folded ear is produced by an incomplete dominant gene and is the result of a spontaneous mutation. To insure the health of kittens, only folded ear to straight ear breedings are allowed. We do have two other breeds for out-crosses; the American Shorthair and the British Shorthair. This further insures the health of the breed.

One of the interesting developmental processes in this breed is the ear folding.   All kittens are born with straight ears.  Approximately 21 days later about half of the kittens fold. (I have held "ear watch" parties!)  Over time, the percentage of fold-to-straight ear kittens is about 50 percent. 

Beginning May 1, 2014, the straight ears (known as Scottish Straights) will be eligible for competition in The International Cat Association (TICA) in the Kitten, Championship, and Alter classes.

A wide range of colors is allowed in competition.  Those not allowed are chocolate, lavender and the Himalayan pattern. These colors in a combination with white are also not acceptable in the show ring. 

Scottish Folds are by nature adaptable and placid.  They adjust to living in a busy household almost as quickly as to a quiet one. They love to be near you and will, if the mood strikes, sit on your lap. They love to sleep with you. The major "complaint" we have had over the years is that they purr too loudly! They ask little of their people -- a clean box, daily fresh food and water, and, of course, lots of your love.  Please contact us if you are interested in having one of these delightful kitties as a pet.

We will be more than happy to send the TICA or CFA Scottish Fold Breed Profile on your request which covers in more detail this wonderful breed.



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